Monday, May 31, 2010

November 2009

So for about a month, I struggled with trusting my future to God. I didn't know if I would still be teaching the next year or not. All I knew was that I had to figure out how to trust God completely with my future. Then, on Wednesday, November 4 I went with the youth group to see Hillsong United's "We're All in This Together" movie. The movie is a documentary of their tour around the world and the injustice and unfairness that goes on in so many places. They advocated for justice, compassion, and mercy for these people and children that they met along the way. The movie was thought-provoking and inspiring. Towards the end of the movie, an idea straight from God popped into my head. I should go serve in the mission field at least for a short time. Now, my interpretation of this was that I should use that idea as a back-up plan for in case I lost my job. This was me not trusting in God to provide for ALL my needs, but it would take about 4 months for me to open my eyes to that. For now, I knew what I would do if I did lose my job so my mind was at ease for at least a short period of time.

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