Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sermon Series

Have you ever been through a sermon series where it feels like every message is meant or you? I hope so... If you haven't, it's probably because you haven't been listening to the sermon very well :)

The series my pastor has been going through the last two weeks has very much felt like it was written and planned with me in mind. I'm pretty sure it wasn't, so I know it has to be God talking to me through my pastor.

The series is about the call we feel in our lives to chase after adventure. Today he made the point that God never tells us he's safe. He just promises to go with us wherever He sends us. Right now I'm struggling to remember that God is not only sending me to Africa, but He's promised to with me. I find myself nervous and afraid of leaving my comfort zone and the security of my family. This series is reminding me that just because he called me out of my comfort zone doesn't mean he's going to leave me on my own. I need to continually remind myself that I will never be alone in my life no matter whether I'm in Ohio or Africa.

It's a timely and important reminder that I have my pastor (speaking the Words of God) to thank.

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  1. That will preach! You know, as a matter of fact, I have heard a series or two where OT felt like it was directed toward me. It's pretty sweet when it happens too.

    Just remember the more you spend in your stretch zone the bigger your comfort zone becomes. Hence the stretch zone stretching the comfort zone! There is a little preaching for you.